~Thankful Thursday~

I haven't posted a Thankful Thursday post for a while now ~ Life is busy and is quickly moving on. Today I wanted to stop and think about the holiday that we are preparing to celebrate, the season that we are in.

I'm Thankful I serve a living God! I'm Thankful that Jesus rose from the dead on that third day. I am Thankful He is with me throughout everything that happens in my life.

I am Thankful He is my Protector ~ He shields me from all that is thrown my way. He is my Rock ~ I can cling to Him when the waters of life are troubled. He is my Fortress ~ I can run and hide in Him for protection, for strength, for safety. He is my SAVIOUR ~ God sent Jesus, His ONLY Son to die for me. He didn't have to, I don't deserve my salvation. God loved me enough to save me from spending an eternity in hell. ~ I am Thankful for that!

I have so much that I am Thankful for, but without my Lord, it would be worthless. I am Thankful that I serve a Living God!

~We Have So Much To Be Thankful For~