~Thankful Thursday~

I've mentioned being thankful for answered prayers before. But this week, our family has a greater feeling about answered prayers. For nine months I've been praying about a special burden that has been on my heart. I really did not get serious about praying until a month after starting my prayer. Everyday, for the past eight months in my morning devotions, I prayed about my husband's job. I prayed anytime I thought about it. Every time his job was mentioned, I prayed silently.

My husband works for FedEx. Now, FedEx is not like UPS. The delivery routes are individually owned by contractors and there is no Union.  Having to deal with individual contractors, a deliverer may get hired on with a really good contractor who believes in the "old ways" of making sure their employees earn enough to make a living and support their families while not having them as a work mule.  Then there are some who do not agree with the "old ways", greed is in their eyes and their employees are work mules.(My precious husband ended up working for this kind of contractor for the past 10 months.) While these contractors have a huge turn over, the "old ways" contractors seem to keep their workers as long as they want to work. All this time, my husband stayed faithful to his job. He stayed faith in respecting his bosses.  ** I honestly, do not believe I would have stayed so faithful, but he did.**

To make a really L-O-N-G story short. A contractor that my husband worked for a little bit last year while working under FedEx had an opening come up. My husband had heard about the possibility of this opening and pursued it.  He went back and forth for about three weeks and finally we got the call on Monday morning. My husband will be going to work for the new contractor on October 3rd.

I am so Thankful that I have a Lord and Saviour who hears and answers every prayer that I pray. He does answer all of our prayers. He may not answer them the way we want or when we want. But he does answer them all.

                  ~We Have So Much To Be Thankful For~