Thankful Thursday for December 17, 2009


I am Thankful that God has allowed me to be raised in a stable home with both parents. I am Thankful that my little Monkey is being raised in a stable home, with both parents. Stability is so important in a home.


After working for the past week on Christmas presents for the three siblings in the Children's Home that our church supports, my son was saddened when he realized that this home was an "orphanage," in his eyes. I explained to him, that I did not know the circumstances that brought these precious children into the home, but that they were in a place where they together were being loved and cared for by people who love the Lord. While we were out picking up some wrapping paper and some candy, Monkey wanted to buy them more things for Christmas. I pray that he never outgrows his tenderness and compassion on those in need.