6 Ways to Develop Thankfulness in Our Heart

Are you finding yourself not so thankful these days? I completely understand how you feel, I’ve been there myself. We’re all facing different problems whether it be within our families, our finances, or just life in general. But you know, no matter what, we need to keep our focus on being thankful during those times. The spirit of thankfulness is not something that comes naturally; we’re human and being thankful at all times will be hard. We need to find ways to develop thankfulness in our heart.

Are you finding yourself not thankful? 6 Ways to Develop Thankfulness in Our Heart. #thankful #spiritualgrowth

Ways to Develop Thankfulness

Thankful Journal – I can’t think of a better way to be reminded of what we are thankful for. Whether it is an actual journal, or a few lines in your Bible reading journal; writing down a few things you’re thankful for on a daily basis will help.

Thank You Notes – I’m a big advocate of writing Thank you notes. Yes, they take time, but the receiver will know you made the effort to share your thanks with them. Hand written is always best and will be appreciated more than an email.

Care Packages – we all know someone who would be happy with a surprise package. An elderly family member, friend, or neighbor, a college student, and even military personnel would love to receive a package made especially for them. Mints, lotions, snack foods, magazines, games, and socks are just a few items you could include. It doesn't have to be full of expensive items because it's coming from the heart.

Tell Another Person What They Mean to You – Encouraging words from others can brighten the day for a person. For some, they may be at a point in life to give up and hearing kind words about them will give them that bit of hope they need.

Focus on Real Life – I hate to tell you, but social media is not real life. Real life is what is going on around you right now. Turn off the electronics and focus on your home, children, and extended family members.

Share a Meal – Know a busy mother who could use an extra hour or two a day? Cooking a meal and sharing it with a family for a “just because” reason will open time up for her and it will give you a chance to help another family out.

While there are literally hundreds of ways to develop thankfulness in our heart, these six ways are rather simple enough to do on the spur of the moment.

Do you have any other ways to develop thankfulness you could share?

Are you finding yourself not thankful? 6 Ways to Develop Thankfulness in Our Heart.