Through Jesus We are Protected

Parents go to great lengths to keep their children safe. Think about how you protect your children. Many of us cushioned corners, locked cabinet doors and even put a lock on the oven door when our children were toddling around. When they are old enough to understand the stranger danger talk, we give it. There are many lessons we teach our children for safety and protection sake. Why? Because we want them to be protected as much as possible. As a Christian, we have protection also - through Jesus, we are protected.

Through Jesus We are Protected. As a parent we go to extremes to keep our children safe. God does the same for His children. Jesus even prayed for our protection before He was crucified.

We are Protected

I knew my son was never going to not get boo- boos. I felt the life drain out of me when my precious two-year old fell and hit his mouth on the lower inside rocker panel of my car after running around my parent’s front yard. The moment he opened his mouth and all the blood that came pouring out caused me to lose it. In the emergency room, I stopped counting at 40 stitches along the inside of his mouth. I would have gladly taken my son’s place that day. I even blamed myself for having the door open while he was coming to the car. No matter how I looked at it, that incident was something I could not keep from happening.

As parents, we would put our life on the line for our children. Children don't even understand what parents do to keep them protected. What about you? Have you thought about what God has done to protect you?

When Jesus was praying before His crucifixion, He prayed that God would keep us protected. (John 17:15) Jesus gave His life for us and He wanted us to be protected. The Bible even tells us in Ephesians 6:10-18 we need to daily be prepared with our armour and necessary equipment for attacks that will come. Just because we have a heavenly protection, doesn't mean we can be willy- nilly in our everyday life. We need to pray a hedge of protection around our family on a daily basis.

 Through Jesus We Are Protected

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