Honoring Our Husband: What We Say About Him Matters

I've noticed over the past year or so about something that women say regarding their husband. These women are not just ordinary women, many of these are Pastor's wives.  Wives, who I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, are not thinking clearly. It matters what we say about our husband in public and to others in secret.

Honoring Our Husband - What We Say About Him Matters - Frog’s Lilypad

What We Say About Him Matters

I've seen on the internet the word HOT being used in describing husbands. While in reality your husband maybe hot to you, he is not to me. I don't want to imagine someone's husband as HOT. I don't even want that kind of thinking to start in my mind. I have my own husband and I love him dearly; I want to only think about him. My husband would crawl in a hole and pull the dirt in around him, if he knew I said something about him being HOT for others to hear and read. In fact, I would do the same if it was said about me.  We love and honor each other enough to not do this.

Think about it ladies, do you really want another woman to think this about your husband? I don't! I don't want another woman to have one small indecent thought regarding my husband. Because that small thought can turn into a HUGE problem. Don't say it won't happen; because it will, it has and it does all the time.  Look around you, we hear about marriages failing all the time. In fact, it is happening more and more with families in the ministry. Why? Because Satan is on the prowl to do what he can to destroy our marriages. It burns him up knowing a man and wife along with their family try to live for the Lord. Satan is going attack at all costs.

Yes, we love our husbands. Yes, we want to do all we can to protect our minds and bodies. But what about protecting the minds of others?  It is our responsibility to not make another stumble in weakness. Would you be willing to give an alcoholic a drink? I don't think so. So why would you plant the wrong kind of thoughts in the mind of someone? Is it wrong to use the word HOT? Not at all, use it in the privacy of your own home, not for the entire the world to read and think on. We need to remember that others are watching and listening.

Not only do we need to think about how we are describing our husband, but what voicing his bad points? When we let others know about the minor mistakes or the things he does that drives us nuts, we are not honoring the man God gave to us. Instead of running to Momma or a friend with gossip of what our husband has or has not done, go to God. He's the One who can work to make changes in his life. In fact, God may just show us where we need to change so we can be the helper He intended for us to be for our husband.

Our husband is a blessing from the Lord and we need to honor him by what we say.