The Hope of His People

For the past year I have been sharing a name or symbol of God found in the Bible. There is so much about Him it can be mind boggling sometimes and that is a good thing. If you’re like me, you still find something about the Lord that takes your breath away. Today’s symbol is no different – The Hope of His People. Did you know we can’t touch or see all there is of God? He is so mighty; we only get a glimpse or a quick touch of what He is and can do. God is our hope.

Frog's Lilypad: God is The Hope of His People

The Hope of His People

What does it mean for us that God is our Hope? It means we are grounded in our confidence and expectation in His goodness and providential care even in troublesome times. Amazing, huh? I’d like to say I’m that grounded all the time in every situation, but I can’t. Sometimes I find myself with my foot slipping when the ground begins to move. The Lord knows this and still loves me anyway.

There are several thousand promises God gave to man in the Bible. Because of these promises we can fix our faith on Him because He will always keep His promises. He is a never failing help. The Lord preserves the faithful, and He strengthens our heart. (Psalm 31:23-24)

Jesus should be the center of our lives. Without Jesus, there would be no thinking of His return, there would be no heaven. He is the HEART of our anticipation; we long to see His face and touch the scars in His hands and feet. We should be the one wearing the scars, not Jesus. He is our HELP in trouble; He is an unfailing help. Jesus is our HOME for we find a place of rest only in Him.


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Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.~ Edward Mote

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