A Strong Tower

Are you troubled? Are you in the middle of one of life’s messes? Are you fearful of the future and what it holds? We have all been there and know that feeling; a feeling that is overwhelming and scary at times. But you know what; we don’t have to dwell in the middle of the chaos. We have a STRONG TOWER we can run to in our time of need, a Strong Tower who will be there when we need Him, a Strong Tower with enough room for many more.

Castles were built with a Strong Tower, a last line of defense during invasion. God is the Strong Tower for His children. We can seek shelter in Him when needed. Thankful Thursdays. frogslilypad.net

During the middle ages, castles with towers were built by nobles. The tower was the strongest defense point for the castle. I found it interesting that the word tower has not always been used, but the word KEEP. A keep was used as the last defense if a castle was being invaded. While it was not kept empty, it was used as the owner’s residence or as guest quarters; the tower was used as a HOME.

I’ve recently read the words “we need to run to our Strong Tower as the last resort”. I have to disagree with that statement. We shouldn’t face the day without the Lord, ever. He is our Guide, our Protector, our Strong Tower and if we face the day without Him, then we are trying to live through our strength and we can’t do it. Before our feet hit the floor in the morning, we should turn our day over to the Lord not after the problems begin. Even in the good times, we should be able to run to our Strong Tower and feel at home while receiving his blessings.

The Lord is our Strong Tower, our Keeper, and we can be at Home with Him at all times.


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