Ask for Wisdom

Have you felt like a bumbling dope when it comes to certain things? I have and I do right this very week. My son is tackling Chemistry this year. I was not ready for it as a 10th grade subject, but he felt up to it, and so we learning it together. I didn't take Chemistry in high school I wish I would have because it is actually a lot of fun. All the math and having to refresh my brain on some things reminds me of a verse I learned as a young girl; a verse ( James 1:5 ) that told me to ASK FOR WISDOM when I needed it. Today, I’m thankful for the freedom that I can ASK FOR WISDOM without being made to feel horrible, when I need a little extra help.

Ask for Wisdom: thankfully we have a Lord who doesn't get angry when we repeatedly ask for wisdom in certain things. He loves and cares enough to give it.


We serve a God who created each and every one of us. He created our strengths and our weaknesses; He knows what comes easy for us and the things we struggle with. The Lord has compassion on us when we repeatedly go to Him for wisdom over a situation. He doesn't say, “Oh, No, not again, I just told you what to do last week. Can't you get it through your thick head?”. Thankfully, the Lord we serve doesn’t do that, He loves us enough to keep giving us the wisdom when we go to him for it.

I'm thankful I can ASK FOR WISDOM and know I will receive it.

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