Coconut Laundry Soap - A Laundry Soap Update

It’s been ten years since I made my first batch of homemade laundry soap. Over the years, I tweaked my recipe according to the water we had. In the beginning of my research all those years ago, I read where people used bath soap to make their laundry soap. Something I do not recommend; there is a difference between bath soap and laundry soap.

Using Coconut Oil Soap in Laundry Soap. A Laundry Soap Update.

What I Learned From My 10th Grade World History Teacher

We all have that one teacher; the one we actually learn something from. Growing up in the Christian school, it wasn’t until my 10th grade year when I saw the love for teaching in one of my teachers. For many of the teachers, I don’t know why they taught school. They seemed to dread standing in front of a classroom. Others were teaching for the discounted tuition for their children. I understand that; I was blessed to partake of the free tuition for my son when I taught school.

It took one eccentric teacher to show me how to love history and teaching. I even learned a few more things to boot.

What I Learned From My 10th Grade World History Teacher