Cooking From Scratch {Day 16}

Several years ago, I decided I was going to stop buying prepackaged, processed foods and start Cooking from Scratch. It is very rare for me to buy something that I can make myself because of many of the ingredients that are used in those items. Ingredients like hydrogenated oil, MSG and the all too many preservatives listed in the ingredients; things I want my family to avoid.

Five Reasons to start Cooking from Scratch. {Day 16} 31 Days of Homemaking Series

When you cook from scratch, you know the ingredients; you can tweak a recipe for your tastes and health needs. Best of all, it tastes so much better than store bought foods.

~5 Reasons to Cook from Scratch~


You know the ingredients, you can use fresh, homegrown and organic if you choose. You can leave out the preservatives that are included in so many boxed items.


Preparing your own foods is cheaper than eating out and buying boxed foods. We splurged and ate Chinese not too long ago, for two of us it was $28. I could have created the same dishes for a fraction of the cost.


Cooking new foods can be a learning experience. I baked real croissants for the first time back in the spring. It was a real learning experience because croissants CAN NOT be created in a couple of hours.


You begin to taste food differently; you are able to pick out the different flavors. When eating scratch foods your palate experiences the real taste of foods the way our great grandparents ate.


Cooking from scratch gives you a sense of pride in your creation and accomplishments.

How often do you cook from scratch?

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31 days of homemaking

31 days of homemaking