I'm Back and Thank You

I'm back everyone. I just want to thank you to all those who have been praying for our family. It really means a lot to know that someone out there is praying for you and you have never even met them face to face. The funeral went smoothly. Last Friday night, when we got the phone call about my Mother in law, I began praying that the Lord would keep anyone away, that would cause problems for my husband and his siblings. That prayer was answered. There were a few who did not come.

My husband did a wonderful job performing the service, it was beautiful. There are many in the family who are not saved and have no hope, but they have heard the Gospel again through my husband's speaking. I'm praying that the Lord will bring back the words that were spoken on Monday to those who are not saved, so they will know that they need to be saved and they will ask and believe on Jesus.

He was able to tell his family and friends how his Momma had no fears of dying. She was ready to meet her Saviour. He told how we were able to read the Bible to her when she was agitated and upset these last few months and how a moment of peace came over her.

My Mother in law's last Sunday night here, we went to visit her. She was really having a hard time. She was in pain and crying and trying to talk and her speech was so hard to understand. I had stepped out of the room for about 5 minutes while my husband was sitting beside her and trying to talk to her. She began reaching up with very clear speech and began asking, Momma is that you? Won't you help me? Yes, I do see you?After this went on the whole time I was out of the room, her speech became unclear again. She became agitated and moaning with pain. I got her Bible out and began reading Psalms 23, she reached over and took my hand and began quoting some of the words. I also read John 14:1-7, she continued to try and quote those verses. When I finished and closed the Bible. She reached up and started talking again with a clear speech, Lord, I know that's you. Won't you help me, take me from this? From that moment on my Mother in law's speech was never clear after that.

When I think back on Sunday, November 2nd, I think about how the Lord eased my worry about her Salvation. She had always said that she was a born again Christian, but because she was a private person regarding her salvation I had always had a bit of doubt in my mind. After hearing my Mother in law talk to the Lord, that doubt left. I know that she is in Heaven.