The Changing of the Seasons {Thankful Thursdays}

I’m thankful for the changing of the seasons. I’m thankful the Lord created them each differently for us to enjoy. While some of us are in areas where some seasons last longer than others there are those who enjoy one season all year round. I sometimes like to think I would enjoy living in a tropical area, but then I remember how much I love to see what the different seasons bring. I know I would miss seeing something that each season brings.


The Changing of the Seasons

Two weeks ago, we enjoyed a drive through Spearfish Canyon. The last time we were there was in the middle of winter and it was BEAUTIFUL. While I spent several weeks of anticipation on what the foliage would look like, I kept the scenes from all of our travels across the mountains in Georgia and North Carolina. Yeah, I was disappointed. Not because of the fog and the drizzly rain, because we spent many days in the mountains back home with the same kind of weather. I was disappointed in the lack of hardwood trees and their foliage.  But oh, those aspens give off a beautiful golden glow when looking down the road. No, there were no reds and orange but the beautiful golden yellow was amazing.

 The changing of seasons brings a familiarity we can enjoy.

I’m so thankful the Lord saw fit to share his beautiful workmanship with me.

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ L.M. Montgomery


  1. Your area looks a lot like mine. We don't have those amazing reds and dark oranges but we don't have lots of green shades and yellows. I was reading a friends blog the other day and she lives in New England and I was amazed, the colors were almost artificial looking because they were so bright. Would love to see it in person but for now, I'll enjoy our yellows and browns.
    Thanks for the link up!

  2. Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee have some amazing color. I'd love to visit the New England states during the fall, maybe one day.

  3. not a lot of color in this part of Ga yet, not sure about the Mountains.we usually can see a lot of Beautiful color from our back porch but not yet,looking forward to this.I love the fall colors and the deep Blue sky! Thanks Lori.

  4. What beautiful pics Lori! I love the changing of the seasons. I think Fall/Autumn is my favorite:) I love the beautiful color changes and the crispness in the air. God is so AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. God bless

  5. You're welcome. I hope you get to see the color.

  6. Hi, Horace! I have two favorite seasons -Fall for all the color and the crispness after dealing with summer heat and spring because it brings new life in the flowers and the animals and of course we celebrate Christ's Resurrection in the spring. Have a good weekend!

  7. Hi Lori :-) I'm originally from Minnesota and seasons are definitely something I miss living in Arizona! Thankfully, we can visit the seasonal changes with a couple hour trip up into the mountains, though!
    Blessings and smiles,


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