Protecting Our Elderly

Welcome, to the Protecting Our Elderly Loved Ones series.

For several months I have been wanting to write a series on helping to protect our elderly parents and loved ones.

It wasn't until after scam calls and scare tactics to my parents, that I finally sat down to write this series. We need to be protecting our elderly loved ones from financial ruin and any other horrible situation just waiting to happen.

I have talked with my parents about scammers, thieves, and con artists many times over the years. I’m sure my siblings have all had the same discussions, but with me being in their home, it’s easier for me to speak up about certain phone calls. Calls my siblings usually don’t hear about.

Just like any other person, my parents receive their share of scam phone calls. One persistent caller called 5 times on a Sunday telling my parents they won a large amount of money and that he had two business associates in the area waiting to schedule a time to come and sign the legal papers and go to the bank to make a hefty withdrawal for their processing fee. On Monday, the same man called again ready to send the associates to pick up my parents and take them to the bank. My mom got fed up with it and told the man off. She went on call him a liar and a scammer and that she had his number, which was a Jamaican number, and calling the police. 

This man became like a caged animal, screaming at my mom and threatening her. She hung up the phone, my dad called the police because of the threats. While he was on the phone, the scammer called back and I answered the phone. No sooner than I said hello, the screaming threats started. I told the man he was not talking to the same woman and he tried to tone it done some. But when I told him he was not going to talk to my mother and the police had been called, I was threatened. When he told me the men were on their way to the house and they would "take care" of us, I told him to come on, I was waiting for them. When he knew he could not scare me, the threats became worse. "Our whole family and anyone who was at the house would be taken care of".

Trying to scam is one thing, but when you threaten the lives of innocent people, a line has been crossed and it becomes personal.

My parents did not know for a fact these so-called business associates were not in the area. Watching the stress and fear on my parents, especially my mom was hard. In all honesty, I was concerned because there was no way to know for sure these evil people were not just waiting to come to their home.

For the next few weeks, I will share about how to keep your loved ones safe from these horrible people. This is a series you will not want to miss if you have elderly loved ones who are easily prey to these situations.

Each week, I'll add a link for the new post here.