Content Usage Guidelines

I am so delighted that you consider my work worthy of sharing on your personal blog, publication, or with your subscribers. I’m not hard to work with when you follow these basic rules.

Frog's Lilypad is not open for free advertising such as posting links and info-graphs. I will not respond to these types of exchanges.

What content can you use?

Permission is granted for:

If you want to share a link in an email with friends and subscribers or share it through social media to your followers, go for it. I appreciate help in getting my content in front of people.
If you want to link to a post in a roundup article, please do. If you need a picture from the post, contact me first.

Permission is NOT granted for:

You may NOT republish in full any posts on the internet. This is bad for both you and me because the information will be duplicated; which is bad for SEO. It is also a violation of copyright laws.
  • If you want to share my work in full in print, you MUST contact me first. You must include who you are, the publication where it will be shared, when, and how it will be shared.
  • If I approve your request, you will have to follow the content attribution policy below.
  • If I approve your request, I would need a link to the republication if it is online, or a copy of the republication if is not electronic.
You may NOT package/or sell my content (articles, images, or PDfs ), or use it in any way to make money. This is a violation of copyright laws. When I provide any work (downloads) they are free for readers, and I want to continue doing so.
You may NOT use any images that have me or my family in them. If there is an image other than family, you would like to use, you MUST contact me first. The taking of images is a violation of copyright laws.
  • If I approve your request, you will NOT remove the branding/watermark. There will be no manipulation of the photo. You will give attribution to the article where it is originally found.
You may NOT directly link (hot link) to any images on the site. This is bandwidth theft and a violation of copyright laws.

Content Attribution Policy

Name Frog's Lilypad as your source. Link to the original Frog's Lilypad's article you are referencing.
  • If it is to an article or blog post, link to the permalink (my post link).
  • If it is any other form of content (downloads), please link to the post where it is found.
  • If your publication is not electronic, please give the homepage address. (
  • If I give permission for an online reprinting of a full article, you will need to add this canonical link code to the head section of your page, like the following example:

I work hard on creating content. I get upset when I find my work being shared as if it belonged to someone else. It is very easy to contact me to ask permission and to follow the content attribution policy above."