My Saturday

I am so glad that I was not behind on anything for this week. My husband and son went hunting this morning. I got up to be with them, just long enough to kiss them both good bye and say," Be careful. Have fun, and I hope you kill another deer." Then I curled up on the sofa with my pillow and went back to sleep. I slept until 10:45.

I have also done something that I said, I would not do, earlier in the summer. I cut 3 inches off my hair!!! At first I really did not think anything about it, until I looked at all the long pieces that I cut. I was a little fearful at first, but then I realized it is not so bad.My hair is now sitting right on the top of my shoulders. It was a good thing. The ends really needed to be trimmed. So hopefully, I'll see quick regrowth.

I have not had a hair cut other than a trim in over 2 years. I first started letting it grow out in 2005. My hair had really gotten long in over a year. I was so excited until I had a REALLY BAD HAIR DAY. I made an appointment to have it cut. I told the lady that I wanted to let it grow out but I was really having a time with it. So she whacked it off. No questions asked. ( The lady that usually cuts my hair was out that day.--- She would have talked me out of it.) Well, as I looked in the mirror when I left the salon, I cried, I could not believe what I had done. From that July day in 2006 I was determined to let my hair grow. So, I have.

I have always kept my hair short. I mean cut around the ears , BUT feminine. I started this in high school, when I was playing sports. My hair is super thick. So for me to let it grow out, I have a super thick mess to deal with. I have to make my own scrunchies to fit all the hair. I have tried letting it grow out in the past. But since I was working, I could not take it. Since I am at home now, I am able to pull it up and forget about it when I don't go anywhere.

My husband is not really one to think long hair is pretty. He used to tell me when it was time to get my hair cut. He did not like the shaggy dog look. So I had a hard time, trying to keep all of my hair looking good, without the shag.But my son is. If I talk about getting it cut, he chimes in with "Not your beautiful hair, Momma, I just love it!"

I love my thick hair. My Mother, keeps telling me, "Love it while you have it, because when it begins to thin, you'll miss it."

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