Have You Ever...

Been so stressed and tired that when it finally hit you, you could not do anything? That is what has happened to me this week. Wednesday afternoon I was cooking supper (it's supper at my house) and the really weird tiredness came over me. All day on Thursday, I could hardly keep my eyes opened.

It has not been as bad today. It has been raining, so if I don't turn on a lamp when I sit down, I tend to drift off to sleep. Since I have been trying to keep moving, I got the box of scrap fabric out that I bought last Friday morning at a yard sale. When I found this box, I thought these pieces of fabric are perfect for a quilt top.

I went through the fabric and put everything that I would use first in the wash. For about 2 weeks now I have been thinking about making a quilt for my husband. ***One that he can curl up in while he is watching t.v.*** Then I noticed the quilt that his Mother made him when he was young, is beginning to fall apart again. I had mended it about 2 years ago, but now the back is looking like it has seen better days.

I asked my sweetie, last night if he would like for me to try and put a new back on his quilt and try to mended all the smaller pieces. He asked me what would be easier? I told him, for me - to make a whole new quilt and use that for the inside. Then he would be able to keep it longer and still be able to use it. So as of right now, this is my plan. If I change my mind(which I'm beginning to lean towards) and mend the quilt, I think I'm going to try and find a quilt rack (at a reasonable price) and retire the quilt. I think being able to see my Mother in law's handiwork would mean more to all of us. Now that I am really thinking about this, I like this idea!

I hope I'll be back here in a little while to post about The Names of our Lord.


  1. Mrs. K's Lemonade StandNovember 14, 2008 at 1:57 PM

    So talented you are Lori!

  2. I think its a lovely idea to retire the quilt to a quilt rack... that would be nice to see it at a glace and be able to think on her for that moment!!! cant wait to hear what you did!


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