A Special Treat

Well, I have had another same old day. My little Monkey spent another day with me, since he was not feeling well. Hopefully, he will be going back to school in the morning.

We spent some special time together today. We played Trouble and Clue and watched some of our favorite shows on TV. I made Monkey his all time favorite - homemade corn dogs. Actually, they were nuggets since I did not have any skewers on hand. But they were still yummy on a cold day.

Funny thing about those corn dogs... I have not made them in quite a while. But I do make them for Monkey, when he is not feeling well. When he has to visit the doctor's office, we always stop off at Wendy's and get a Frosty and French Fries. You know that special treat to help make your "Little Jewel" feel better, when they are feeling bad.

I remember when I was growing up, my Momma would make me a bologna sandwich and chicken noodle soup and we would watch The Price is Right, when I was sick. I also remember laying in her bed so I could listen to the CHRISTIAN CLASSICS and UNSHACKLED stories on the radio.

Those are memories that I remember and love. I know that my Monkey will remember his corn dogs and special Wendy's trip.

Would you mind sharing any special treats that you do and/or give to your special "Jewel"?

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