FOR TODAY Wednesday, May 20, 2009...

Outside my window... The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the wind is blowing. A beautiful spring day.

I am thinking... How blessed I am.
I am thankful for... My Saviour and for Eternal Life.
From the learning rooms... We'll be learning about 2 digit factors and 2 digit divisors today. If nothing happens Friday will be our last official school day.
From the kitchen... I'll be baking brownies.
I am wearing... The usual.
I am creating... A new digital scrapbook page, with a new software I found.
I am going... Nowhere until Church tonight.
I am reading... Home-Making by JR Miller. A book about how to create a home from a Biblical point of view. You can learn about it HERE.
I am hoping... Hmmm... I'm not sure just yet, this morning.
I am hearing... The wind chimes sing in the wind
Around the house... I have dusting and vacuuming to do to day.
One of my favorite things... Snickers Candy Bar
A few plans for the rest of the week... Cutting our quilt pieces
Here is a picture thought I am sharing... actually there are two
My husband preaching at the Long Cane Baptist Church. The church is around 160 years old. I was also told that the building was used as a Field Hospital during the Civil War. Under some of the carpeting there is still some blood stains from the wounded. Curious as to what the building looks like?... Here it is

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  1. haha! I made a Daybook entry today too! We must think alike.

    That church building is just captivating! I love old buildings. That is the prettiest I've seen in a while.


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