Homeschool Curriculum Choice 2009-2010 {Grade 4}

I can't believe that we are starting our second week of no school for the summer. Believe it or not, I could not wait for the end of this school year. I'm usually one who is prepared, organized and... can I say prepared again? Since this year was a trying time for me, I'm so thankful that it is over.

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Now that we are on our second week, I'm looking forward to getting started next year. Yep, I've been planning for our new year. We missed the GHEA homeschool convention in May, I had been looking forward to being there. But for some reason the Lord had other plans. My husband and I are planning on attending the Southeast Homeschool Expo at the end of July. There are some really neat workshops that I would like to attend...hoping that I'll be able to glean from some of those.
Well, I have decided on every subject except for Science. I mentioned in an earlier post that my hang up was Math, well that is settled, now it's on to something else. Monkey mentioned to me several times that he really doesn't care too much for Science. But he thought if maybe we could find something that was more interesting to use, he might like it again.
I have spent many hours over the last couple of months researching different areas and methods of study. One of the methods, that has really sparked an interest is the Charlotte Mason approach. I remember hearing about this approach when I first started homeschooling and I thought that I never would be able to do it. So I have decided to try and "ease" into this method. I know that there are everyday things that are being taught where this method is being implemented, so I truly believe (after 4 years) that it will be something that I want to do with my son. After all, he is the reason why I'm homeschooling.
This is my dilemma for Science... Here in the state of Georgia, we have to have our children tested every three years, starting in third grade. I'm concerned about using a year long "themed" study, not giving everything that is going to be needed for the testing. I hope I made myself clear on that. I just want Monkey to have everything that he needs when I give him the "test."
This is what I've come up with - so far.

570659: Building Life Castles Student Manual (4th Grade)
By Positive Action for Christ
652515: Grade 4 Math PACEs 1037-1048
By Accelerated Christian Education

298752: Abeka God"s Gift of Language A Writing & Grammar Work-text, Third Edition
By Abeka
877061: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Student Edition (4th Edition)
By Educators Publishing Service
Writing/Penmanship:Queens Homeschool SuppliesCursive Writing Book ACopy Work for Boys
96845: A Child"s Story of America, Second Edition, Grade 4
By Michael McHugh / Christian Liberty Press

971505: Children of the Covered Wagon, Grades 4-6
By Mary Jane Carr / Christian Liberty Press
We will also be studying our state's history.
133436: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook (2nd Edition)
By Jeannie Fulbright / Apologia Educational Ministries
Reading: We will be using living books from Living Books Curriculum and Sonlight and some of my favorite classics.
I know when many of my readers click on some of the links, they are going to see some huge price tags on some of the sets of books. Well, let me tell you, being a Missionary's wife, there is no possible way that I could or even would spend that kind of money, when I can go to the library and borrow books. 8

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