A Garden Update...

Wow! I can't believe that we are being over run with squash. Everywhere you look our squash plants are loaded down. We were able to take a bushel to the market to sell, this morning. They are wanting our tomatoes when they start to ripen. Yippie! I'm excited about being able to sell some of our vegetables.

On our way home, we stopped off at The Briar Patch (scroll down) not far from our home. We picked a gallon of blueberries. Yeah, I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But I had to make sure, that I was going to have enough room in the freezer. I did, so we will be going back in the next few days. This was the first time, we had picked at this farm, so I was surprised at the size of the bushes here. In the past, I had always picked at a farm that had young bushes, which were about waist high. Today, the bushes we picked from were about 8 feet tall. Monkey and I stood under the limbs and picked, while my husband stood on a bucket and picked from the top. This was a lot of fun. We also picked some cucumbers, that I will be making into jelly. I'll be working on the jelly in the morning, so I'll post pictures and directions on my recipe blog when I am finished.

This evening my son attended VBS again at my brother's church. We have many friends at the church, that we feel comfortable leaving him. While we were out, I was a "woman on a mission." I was searching for a new canner for my Mother. Her all time trusty dinosaur died about 2 years ago. Actually, she needs the rubber seal for the lid. She bought the canner from Sears when I was about 2 years old. Believe it or NOT, it seems that Sears can not locate anyone who still makes these. Oh Well!

Here are some pictures of what our garden looks like now.

3 Pumpkin hills that have now turned into a patch...

This is our largest baby pumpkin...It's the green thing that looks like a watermelon.

These are some of our grapes. I'm actually surprised at this year's out put. We've not had a lot in the past. This is just one of the vines.

This is some of the silk from the ears of corn. We planted Silver Queen - our favorite...


  1. Your garden looks great! It reminds me that I need to get out and check on mine. With all the rain we've had lately I haven't been out there in a couple days.

    We've never grown grapes here. Yours look so pretty!

    Silver queen corn is our favorite too. Last time I looked, I didn't see any ears yet, but they might be there now....

  2. I wish it would rain here. We had plenty in May, now nothing. We've been trying to water every morning, just enough to keep moisture in the ground without leaving too much of a muddy mess.

  3. We plant our corn a bit at the time. Our first planting was ready last week. We planted Silver Queen and Merit. We love Silver Queen too. Merit was just to have something different. We froze half of it on the cob and cut off the other half. It was not hot in this unbearable heat wave we're having, but it will be fun when we eat it! Our next corn planting should be in next week while we're gone to camp!

    So these grapes. They're real grapes like you get in the store? People where I live (NW Florida) plant scuppernongs and muscadines, but I've never heard of anyone planting grapes unless they lived in California. haha

    All of our squash has died. Fortunately, we got enough to last until next year. Your pumpkin really does look like our watermelons or a baby cantaloupe!

    Can't wait to see the cucumber jelly recipe. I've never even heard of that! We always have so many cucumbers...you get tired of making pickle after pickle. Oh, and I love u-pick farms too. We got about 2 gallons of blueberries a few weeks ago. But ours are all destined for waffles, pancakes, breads and muffins.

    Wow, what a long comment! :-)

  4. Elizabeth, these are grapes like in the store. They do have seeds. So, they tend to go into jelly.

    We love our muscadines and scuppernongs, here. They're the best.


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