A Whirlwind

This has been a crazy busy last couple of days. We have spent more hours in the garden then in the house. I have had to be out early, before the sun starts beating down on the garden, so I could be back inside when it gets really hot. I can't let the inside work go. I mean, I could but then I would never want to come back inside. I guess, I would have to just move in with Toby our beagle, if he would have me.

Our Garden Update:

Our squash have just about finished running their course. I have about 30 bags of squash in the freezer. We have lost count on the baskets that my husband took to the market to sell. Now, we are beginning the process of removing the plants.

We have tons of green beans coming in. I canned 11 quarts tonight. This is a total of 17 jars put up. There is something about the sound of the canner as it is processing and the smell that the green beans make as they are being canned. It reminds me so much of my Maw Maw when she would can.

I really need to get a picture of the tomato plants. These plants are so loaded down, that the bushes have decided that they can't stand it any longer. So, they have fallen down on the job. We have Roma tomatoes all over the place. I'm hoping that we don't end up with a critter eating any.(About four years ago, we found a turtle in our tomatoes, when we were pulling up the plants at the end of summer.) For now, we are waiting for all of them to ripen.

This week has been Cub Scouts Twilight camp for Monkey. He has really enjoyed going. Tonight was the closing ceremony and the retiring of the flag. This was a really neat thing to see. An older Boy Scout, read about what the American flag stood for. And why the flag is cut apart before it was burnt. I had my camera, but when Monkey was putting his red strip into the fire, my camera froze up for some reason, so I missed it. But I do have a few pictures, that I'll have to post later.

Last night, I made homemade Mayonnaise. If you have never had any, I have to tell you that it is WAY BETTER than any store bought product out there. Of course, the only draw back is that you don't have any preservatives, so it won't last as long in the refrigerator, as the store bought. I promise, the flavor out ways the idea of preservatives. You can find the recipe HERE.

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