Getting Ready for Another Year

I can't believe that it is already the middle of July. It seems just like yesterday was January first. Time really does fly by when you get older.

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I have been busy yesterday and today getting classrooms ready. Yep, I said "classrooms." The first room was the Children's Church class room at Church. I was able to go in yesterday afternoon and work for about 4 hours. I really don't think it would have taken me that long, if I would not have been having to find something interesting for Monkey and my husband to do. LOL! Actually, they were a big help. They moved out a book shelf and tons of books that needed to find another home. There was also a table that left out of the room. On top of the bulletin boards being changed and some Bible verse posters being put up, there was a deep cleaning of the room. You know that closet, or that cabinet? You know the one... where all the clutter seems to find a home. Well, I purged one yesterday. I could not believe all the stuff that has been put in and forgotten about. All Gone! Nice and organized.

As for our homeschool room... We really don't have a room, we have a section of the basement that is being used as our classroom. I moved my sewing machine table beside the window and this will serve as a desk when I'm not sewing. I'm hoping to go this week and pick up a white board to hang above the table. I found a board that is also magnetic so this will help in hanging up charts and maps. YAY!!! I'm so excited about this.

I was able to order all of our homeschool books today. I have had the list ready since forever it seems like. I was just waiting on the Lord to provide the funds to place the order. I love how He always provides.

I did order the Exploring Creation Through Astronomy by Apologia. I mentioned once before about how I was concerned with how the Charlotte Mason method and Achievement Testing would work with each other. I found the answer through a Georgia-Charlotte Mason Yahoo Group. To make a long story short... As long as I include living books for Science at the fourth grade level, we will do fine, since the testing is only required every three years.

I love to shop for school supplies. I always have. I remember when I was in elementary school, we would go the first day and get our supply list and we would head on over to the Treasure Island store. I remember those long isles of school supplies set out for all the little hands to pick and choose a lunch box, a book bag, folders, pencil boxes, crayons, pencils, paper, rulers, scissors and glue.

Today it is no different. I still love to look through the book bags and lunch boxes, although they don't have any cute lunch boxes like my Raggedy Ann and Andy or my Strawberry Shortcake. But hey, I don't have to worry about buying a lunch box or a book bag.

I enjoyed going to Walmart today and picking up our markers, pencils, paper, folders,etc. It was not until I got home and everything unpacked, that Monkey asked,"Did you buy me any notebooks with the round thing on the side?" ( Spiral notebook 😊 ) I had to disappoint him and said, "No, I didn't think we would need them." I was informed, "But Momma, I have to have them, those are the best for not losing my special papers." So when I go pick up my white board, I'll have to pick up a couple of spiral notebooks.

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