The Last Few Days

I've have been either out of the house on the road going somewhere, or I have been on the couch not feeling well, the couple of days.

On Thursday (our 11th anniversary), our family went to CAVE SPRING, Georgia to visit the cave and the springs. This was really neat. I had been wanting to go there, now for a while. We were able to visit a couple of shops on the town square.

The spring is really neat... when the water comes out of the mountain, they have it so it will run in two different directions through Rolater Park. One of the spill-overs is a large pond with trout swimming around. The other direction, the water spills over into the Springs pool. How neat is that? I did not take any pictures of the pool, since I'm sure some of you know, not everyone is covered while swimming.

After having a nice lunch and window shopping through the town, we headed over to BERRY COLLEGE. My husband has heard a lot of talk about the architectural designs in the buildings, so we decided to stop by and have a look around. All I can say is amazing. The designs of the Chapels, and other buildings are beautiful.

Today and yesterday, I have not felt well at all. I spent most of both days on the couch dozing off and on. I did make myself get up and run to Walmart, so I could exchange a pair of jeans for Monkey. I was able to pick up our white board for school this fall.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better in the morning. I hope you all have had a good weekend.

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