Outside my window... It’s raining again. Everything is still dark and quiet out.

I am thinking...About husband on his way to work.
I am thankful for...
For a Family’s love
From the learning rooms...
The world of Sign Language was introduced this week. Monkey is so taken with it, that he keeps pulling the book off the shelf, to learn new words. He has done very well with the alphabet and numbers.
From the kitchen...
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie is on the menu for supper tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work in some homemade Pumpkin bread.
I am wearing...
I’m still in my Pajamas, since it is still early.
I am creating...
A quilt top that is slowly coming together.
I am going...
Hopefully nowhere today.
I am reading...
Only my Bible this week. I’ve got to stop off at the library tomorrow after church.
I am praying...
About a situation at our church.
I am hearing...
Around the house...
It’s still early, so Monkey is still asleep.
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week…
Since today is the last day of the week, I guess I really don’t have many plans for the rest of the week.


  1. twinkies...mmmm. I think Hostess cakes are way better than Little Debbie. My favorite is the Hostess cupcakes: the chocolate cake with chocolate icing, then filled with vanilla creme and a curly swirl of white icing on top! Sort of like a Ding Dong...yummy!

    And then there are Snoballs and Zingers too.

    You really didn't need to bring up this subject. I foresee a trip to the store in my future! :-P

  2. One of my new blog readers told me she found my blog via yours so I wanted to stop by and thank you for linking to me! You have a very nice blog here. (o:

    Many Blessings,

  3. I remember eating the Snoballs when I was little. We can't keep Zingers in the house long enough to know that we have had them. Okay, I admit... I love all Hostess cakes. :)

  4. Michelle, I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. I was over at blogger and then decided to move over here a few weeks ago.


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