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I have to say when I was preparing for school this year, I was excited about some of the curriculum that I chose.  Many of you know, that I am a former school teacher. One of the biggest things that I ran across while teaching upper elementary, was that students did not have enough vocabulary study.

I remember this question being asked," What does this word mean?"  I think that the biggest down fall for a Spelling lesson, is that there is not enough vocabulary. Look at the Spelling curriculum that you are using. How much vocabulary is being taught? How much comparison is being provided for your child?   Please don't get me wrong. I have been in a position where I took a Spelling book because it came with the curriculum and used it without thinking.

This year, we are using Wordly Wise 3000. After a couple a couple of weeks of using this program all I can say is that I love it. Monkey has really enjoyed NOT having to just spell words. He told me yesterday, that he likes being able to think about the meaning of the words. And see them being used in "everyday" sentences, not something that has been made up.

These are words that normal everyday people use. These are not the kind of words that are being spelled at the National Spelling Bee. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the participants of the Spelling Bee are not normal everyday people. Hopefully, you get my point.

For our Bible lessons this year we are using Building Life Castles from Positive Action. This is a New Testament Survey. Right now we are studying about the life of Christ. We have been able to learn about the prophecy regarding Christ's life. This is written on a fourth grade level. I have to say that I am re-learning so much that was taught to me when I was a child.

I almost forgot to mention, that Character Traits are taught. Each week/lesson a new one is reinforced.

The past years in homeschooling, we have either worked on a daily devotional book, our Awanas book or I have taught  different Bible stories. Now that Monkey is getting older, he needs to learn more than just a story. He needs to learn that Christians have to study the Bible in depth so he can grow stronger for the Lord.

For Science we are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Apologia.  Monkey has been interested in astronomy for several years. I looked at the books that Apologia offers and was down right afraid to try something like this in the past. I finally stiffed my nerves and decided to try it.

After viewing a couple of DVDs regarding astronomy and space while studying the first chapter, Monkey and I were almost speechless.  I had always known that our universe is HUGE! But it did not really sink in, until after we started working through the  book.  Totally Amazing!!!

Do you have any books or curriculum that you use and would  like to recommend? Let me know, I'm always ready to learn about something new.


  1. Lori, hi, I've been reading your blog for a while now, and am just now posting a comment. We are using the Apologia Astronomy for Caleb (2nd grade) and Leah (4th grade) and we love it! The activities are wonderful! Our oldest boys are using the General Science with Apologia. A little complicated for me, but my husband was a science teacher for a while so he is helping them. For math, we are using the Math U See program. For the younger grades it's great, I'm saving my judgement on the upper grades though. For everything else we are using Landmark. This is the first year I've done anything new. We have always used Abeka, so this new curriculum has taken a while to get used to. We are now on week four and I finally feel like I know what I'm doing. Hopefully, we will have a good year and they will learn what is needed.

  2. Welcome! I'm glad you posted a comment. We love the Apologia, I just wish we would have started this program sooner. A friend of mine is using General Science with her oldest and she said, "Goodness!!!!" I was a little nervous about branching out from Abeka, but so far so good.


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