Our Weekend

I think I might be starting to get OLD!!! Yep, I said it. I am really having a hard time remembering things right now. I know what you are thinking~ everybody forgets something every once in a while. I have noticed lately that I tend to forget about posting. Some days I think it's because there is nothing really interesting going on. Then there are those days, that we have so much going on, I really can't make it over to the computer, long enough to drop in.

So here is an update on our weekend. On Friday, we spent the day in the mountains. I promise, every time we decide to go somewhere, lately, it RAINS!!!! I'm not complaining about the rain, because we really need it. Honestly, over the last couple of weeks, any time we left the house to go somewhere, it rained. The rain ruined any chance on us getting pictures of the leaves. I tell you, you would not believe the colors.  Fall is my favorite time of year. I love riding down the road(on a rainy day) and being able to look through the woods and see the yellows. This is not the brownish yellow, but the Golden Yellow. The color is so enticing, it makes you want to just pull over and spend quality time walking through the woods. We did walk some while it wasn't raining. We were able to pick up some leaves to use in our Nature Notebook. The temperature was perfect. It was about 60 degrees, just cool enough to give a slight chill, while letting you know that fall is here.

While driving further north, we were able to see some of the most beautiful crimson leaves that dotted a background of yellows, greens and oranges.  I have to tell you a secret... The Rocky Mountains have nothing on the North Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee mountains. Yes, they have beautiful snow capped mountains,peaks and ridges but there is nothing like the beautiful foliage you can see here in the fall.

Before we left for the mountains on Friday, we stopped at the Yarn Garden.  I have been wanting to stop at this store for sometime now. I finally made it to the shop when they were open. I was so inspired. I watched one lady knit a pair of socks using the double pointed needles. Amazing!!! I was even inspired enough to buy some yarn. This yarn is called "Cotton Kisses" by Plymouth Yarn Co. I bought it in the blue. The neat thing about this ball of yarn, is that it comes with the instructions and the buttons for the most adorable little baby's sweater and it only takes one ball. When I was talking to the lady about how cute the little sweater was and  how easy it looked. She told me all the stitches were either a continuing knit stitch or a purl stitch ( I know that there is a word for that, I just don't know it!). Well, I can do both of those, I told her and so I grabbed a ball of yarn.  I really miss not being able to visit a "real" yarn shop. There is a really neat yarn shop in Montana, that I loved visiting and getting inspiration. Well, I now have set my sights on having a new favorite store.

It was not until after I got back in the car, when fear set in. I could not believe that I just spent $15.00 on one ball of yarn. What was I thinking about trying to knit a sweater? The encouragement that I received in the store was gone. My sweet husband and son both told me, "You can do it, just take your time and only work on it when there is nothing important needing to be done."  What sweet words to hear. Now that I have finished a couple of very small projects,  I'll be starting that adorable sweater this week.

Saturday, I spent straightening up and some light dusting. Today, we went to church and had wonderful services.  I hope you all have had a great weekend.

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