Day Book

Outside my window... Cloudy and cold. The sun is trying to break through the clouds. Hopefully it will to warm up some before we leave this afternoon for fun.

I am thinking... About what we are going to have for lunch. Monkey's asking, "What are we going to have for lunch?"
I am thankful for... All that I have. I don't take the things I have for granted now, but in the past I have.
From the learning rooms... So much! We are busily working to stay ahead in our work.
From the kitchen... I'm brain dead in this area today. I need to go grocery shopping.
I am creating... I working on little things for Christmas presents, right now.
I am reading... I'm finishing up the book Sisters of the Confederacy by Lauraine Snelling.
I am praying... For several needs that our family needs met.
I am hearing... Nothing, actually. Sometimes that worries me. There is no telling what is going on when all is quiet. :)
Around the house... I have  a load of laundry to wash. Everything else is in its place.
One of my favorite things... SNOW!!! I wish it would snow here, like it did in Montana.
A few plans for the rest of the week... We are planning on going to the Christmas parade in town today. Then we have Church tomorrow, then school next week. I've got to fit a grocery shopping trip in sometime.

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