Our Busy Week

Last week was really busy! I had planned to do some school work with Monkey, but that just didn't happen. I guess, the Lord knew that we both needed a break from schoolwork.

 Last Sunday, I was able to give THIS to a precious little girl that has been visiting our church.  I was able to knit the sweater in a week and had it finished about a week ago, but the family missed a Sunday service.

On Monday, our family went to Lennox Square, this is Atlanta's oldest mall and in the Buckhead area. We went to ride the Pink Pig.  This is in a very "high maintenance" part of the Atlanta area. Boy, talk about feeling out of  place.  We are in the north east part of Georgia, so we usually shop at the mall in Athens or at the Mall of Georgia.  The Mall of Georgia is the largest but the amount of shoppers doesn't compare to the amount at Lennox.  We really had a good time. Since we went during the day the line was extremely long. We had to wait for 2 1/2 hours to ride. Monkey really enjoyed riding even with the long wait. He has a memory of an Atlanta tradition that he can carry with him.

On Tuesday night we went to Bethlehem, GA to see the live nativity. This was really neat.  The pastor of the Methodist Church in Bethlehem, read the Christmas story  and the members of the church had the roles of Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, the shepherds and angels were some really cute children.  This has been a tradition for the city of Bethlehem for many years. It was the first time, that we had been and we really enjoyed it.

We were able to visit a house that was decorated with Christmas lights and the neatest thing about it, was that the lights were set to music. The owners are "amateur  radio" operators, so they had the music on the radio. We were able to sit in the car and listen to the Christmas lights. This was such fun. Monkey really enjoyed the reindeer that would sing to the songs.

On Wednesday, I finally had all the shopping finished. So I spent a good deal of time making Cake Bites and Caramel Squares. Both of these recipes were super easy and so yummy.

We had a good Christmas Eve with family at my sister's. Then Christmas day we were at home. I did go to to the mall to return a gift and try to find something in its place. But that didn't happen. It seemed to me that the stores really didn't have a good after Christmas sale. Hopefully, I'll give my hand a try at it again sometime this week.

I hope you all have had a good week.

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