A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Wow! It seems like forever since I've been here. Our trip last week to Oklahoma was quite interesting! We were able to see God work in many lives.  We were able to stay with the most hospitable family and we count them as friends.  I can't believe that I had my camera in hand, and never thought about getting a picture of them.

Last Thursday morning, we were awakened  by an earthquake! Let's just say, that when you least expect it, they can scare the life out of you.   When it first started, I thought a plane had hit the house. The roaring that came with all the shaking and when the bed felt like it had been picked up and dropped onto the floor was unbelievable!  ~SCARY! When I was more alert and  heard the blinds shaking, I knew what was going on then so  I snuggled  under the covers and went back to sleep.Then on Friday when we left the Oklahoma City National Memorial we had another earthquake. This time it was not really all that bad, we were in the car on the expressway. The only way we knew that it happened; we could hear it and feel the car being pulled with the shaking.  Here in Georgia, we  have hardly any earthquakes. We had one about 7 years ago and it was nothing compared to the one on Thursday.

After making a couple of stops on the way home, we arrived at 4:00 on Saturday morning.  Now that we have recovered from the trip and unpacked all our clothes, I have a mountain of laundry to work on.

As for my new Bible, for my daily reading... I am so glad that I bought it. I have really enjoyed using it for my reading. I find it easier to do my daily reading through the Bible. So far, the only thing I found that I would change is the words of Christ in red - they are in black.

** I do have a few pictures. Hopefully I can get them uploaded sometime this afternoon.

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