A Good Day

Today turned out to be a good first day back to homeschooling.

I had forgotten to set the clock, so I slept later than I had wanted, so my routines were out of whack.  Back in November, I starting allowing Monkey to sleep in later, since he is not a morning person. With him sleeping in, schoolwork goes smoother for us, until we get to Math. That's a whole other post by itself.  ;) I was surprised to see Monkey eager to begin his school work this morning. He worked very hard at getting everything finished. ~ I'm so proud of him.

We are spending this week trying to get everything ready for our trip to Oklahoma City next week. Up until last night, I really had no desire to go. It seemed that we were not going to go at all. We have really been up against a brick wall regarding somethings within our deputation process.

 But after being in church on Sunday night and hearing the message that Pastor Andy Huff ( a friend of ours) preached about the Apostle John and being a servant of Christ's, I was so refreshed and ready for our trip. We are stepping out on faith for next week. Since we don't use any credit cards and pay cash for everything, this seems to slow things down for us.  But I know that the Lord can provide the rest of the funds before we leave next Monday morning.

I finally finished hemming my new jean skirt that I sewed. Hemming is the most dreaded part of sewing for me. I would really love to have a My Double Dress Form. My sister has one and I love being able to use it for making sure my hemming is even.  But there are times, when I don't have the time to wait and take items to her house to pin up. Hopefully one day...

Well, I'll be busy this week, hopefully I'll be around before Thursday for my Thankful Thursday post. I pray that you all have a great week


  1. Glad to hear you had a good first day back! I hope your trip goes well...if the Lord is in it, he will provide.


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