Day Book

Outside my window... The beautiful sun is shining. The sky is perfectly clear with no clouds. We are to have 60 degree weather this weekend and on into Monday. 

I am thinking... About my wonderful husband who has been working very hard for our family. He’s able to work again today. If all goes according to plan, he’ll be working next week too. 
I am thankful for...So many things ~ To breathe. I can’t imagine
those who struggle with breathing problems must feel. 
From the learning rooms... In Science,Monkey has been enjoying a study on Earth. So far, we have learned about Mass, Matter, Rotational Pull, the Atmosphere, and more about the distance from earth to the sun. In History, we’ve been learning about the expansion of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase, the War with Mexico and the different ways of travel during the early and mid 1800’s.
From the kitchen... For lunch today, Monkey and I are having Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches. He’s been asking for one since he heard about them on TV. For supper we are having Pizza. I’m going to be grilling it again, today. So good!
I am creating... I am bound and determined that I’m going to finish my husband’s afghan, that I have finally started for the 10th time. Yes, it has been that many times. I get so discouraged with it because I am a perfectionist with knitting. Since this is a large project, using size 9 needles, gives the impression that it is not going anywhere. I’ve been working on this, everyday this week except for yesterday.
I am going... I’m going grocery shopping today. I have four stops: Walgreens, Quality Foods, Ingles and Walmart. I was able to go to Publix and Kroger last night.
I am reading... Another Cathy Marie Hake book called Letter Perfect. I’ve not gotten far into the book, but it is pretty good. I’m still struggling through the one book for the book review. After what reading in it I did this week, I may not finish it.
I am Praying... For a meeting that we have in the morning at a church. My husband will be teaching Sunday School and preaching the morning service,
I am hearing...
Birds chirping so loudly. They are all over the back yard gathering worms.
Around the house...
All I have today, is some dusting and vacuuming. I was able to get all the laundry finished yesterday.
A few plans for the rest of the week…
Tomorrow is Church, Monday may become a much needed “Spring Break” day. With the expected weather, we may go somewhere fun. ~ and free!

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