Day Book

Outside my window...  The sun is not even up yet. We are definitely having early spring time weather here; warm a few days then it drops off to cooler days. It’s suppose to be close to 75 today. WooHoo!! 

I am thinking... Maybe I need to wait to go to bed a little later than I did last night. I always end up waking up before the chickens the next morning.
I am thankful for... My husband being able to work these past few weeks. Today will be the end of the work and he’ll be back home with us during the week.
From the learning rooms... Well we have school today. We swapped our Monday and Saturday this week, so we could spend time with my husband. We are about to finish the chapter on Adverbs. YAY! I’m excited. The rest of our Language book will be all the “fun” stuff that is taught at the end of the book. You know like the word usage (they’re, their,there) using the dictionary. That kind of fund stuff.
From the kitchen... I made a Mississippi Mud Cake last night. I did not take any pictures of it, since it fell! Who knows? I still can’t think of a reason why. But it is alright, it is oh so good!
I am creating...I’m still plugging away on the afghan. I have a pair of socks in the works. Hopefully, I’ll have them finished before too long.
I am reading... Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas by Janice Hanna I just started the book last night, it looks like it might be something good.
I am praying... That everything works out for two meetings that are coming up, one in Kansas and the other in Virginia. 
I am hearing...
Nothing, since I’m up early.
Around the house... I have some dusting and vacuuming to do today.
One of my favorite things... SPRING! I love the warmer temperatures.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I have to go to the mall today, Monkey needs some new pants and shirts for church. My husband is preaching and presenting our work at a church in the morning. We will be back at our church tomorrow night to be with church in celebrating our Pastor’s 20th anniversary of being pastor.


  1. Hey Lori,
    I made a Mississippi Mud Cake a long, long time ago and it fell too! We still ate it and it was SO good and gooey!

    Thank you for your prayers. It means a lot to me!


  2. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one this has happened to. I will say that this is a super yummy cake.


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