Why We Home Educate Part 1

Over the last couple of days, I have thought about the reasons why we home educate our son. When we started this trek in our lives, it was more of a time for me to be at home with Monkey, since I had worked 5 years out of the 6 years of his life.  I remember when I went back to work after Monkey was born. I hated it! I cried every morning on the way to school and during the first hour of being at school. I began praying that the Lord would allow me to  quit my teaching job and stay at home. Of course, the Lord’s timing is always perfect, even though it may take a while before he answers. It took 5 years of praying for me to receive an answer to my prayers.

 As I began the work of teaching Monkey, I loved the idea of not having him compared to other children his age. It does happen to all children when they are in a classroom. Think about those academic awards that are handed out at the end of the school year. You would not believe how children and parents both brag on who got “top student,” and who got “B Honor Roll.” Why does it matter as long as a child has done his best?

 Speed is not an option at home. I was able to slow down in Math and speed up in Language Arts. This does not happen in a classroom. In fact, there are many children who are left behind in a subject because those who are more advanced can not be allowed to get bored. Those who are not helped at an early age, will struggle until someone reaches out to help them. There are many times when there is no one, who will be willing to help. No wonder we have so many children who either don’t succeed or drop out of school altogether.

 Teaching at home allowed me to choose what my son learned and when he learned it. For the first couple of years, I used what I knew. I used a curriculum in a box. Although, this curriculum is wonderful, it does have it’s bad points for at home learning. For the past year and half, I have taught what I think Monkey needs. We have been able to expand into things that he has wanted to learn, instead of being told what to learn.

As a mother who taught school for twelve years, I saw students who dealt with problems in their lives.  I did not want my son to have to go through those things. At this point, I’m not talking about home life problems. I’m talking about those situations that children face when they are around other children. I remember how sad I would feel for one who was left out of something, or when one was called a name.What really got me, was when lies were told. Kids can be mean, and when you think about it, they can become almost vicious towards others. If you don’t believe me,watch the news. Think back to your childhood, we all have either been on the receiving end of meanness or we know someone who has been.

 I don’t know about you, but when someone gives me a special gift that I love dearly, I do all that I can to take care of it. It will be placed where it is protected and admired. My son is a gift from God and I’m going to do all that is in my power to protect him.

 You can find part 2 HERE.


  1. Amen. We will be starting homeschooling this next year. I both home schooled and went to church academies growing up. And I can tell you, as a kid on the receiving end of meanness, Christian school is not a good option. I learned to cuss in a Christian school, I heard sexual things before my parents wanted me to (most of them untrue), I learned that I was not cool and never would be, I learned that I would never have friends. PTL, the God has shown me that this was all childish pride, but I never want to expose my children to this until they are mature enough to take it. Maybe, it was just the school we went too, not all IFB churches are good, but I think that many good schools have things going on that teachers and parents never find out about. May God bless us with the freedom to always home school our children.

  2. Julie, I was in the same Christian school until my junior and senior years, then I was homeschooled. You would not believe the things, that I learned from others. I agree, there are some IFB churches that are not good and this spills over into their schools. My parents did their best in teaching us to live for the Lord and because of this, we were left out in a lot of things. I remember the mixed emotions of being homeschooled. At one time, I had even said, that I would never put my children through it. Funny, how the Lord works and I have had to eat my words. I look at this as a blessing and Jamie really enjoys being at home.


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