Our Attitude Matters

I had an eye opening experience  tonight. We were in a church presenting our work, and my husband preached the evening service. Before the service began, I was asked by the Pastor's wife to come in for the ladies prayer meeting. I really enjoy being asked to participate in this special time of prayer for the church and the members. I get to see these ladies in a whole different light. The same goes for them seeing me a little differently.

While I was there, I got to hear the most precious testimony of a dear lady who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She has been suffering with this disease for about 10 years. She had taken many of the treatments with no help. Just recently, this  lady has been dealing with some difficulty in her face and mouth. Her speech and eating abilities are being affected.  After a visit to the doctor, she found out that this was just part of the disease. She had heard there are  some new medicines that are still experimental and was asked to participate in the study. While listening to the doctor and hearing about all the possible side effects to this new medicine and being told that there is really nothing more that the doctors can do to prevent the disease from becoming widespread, she knew she could not go on with any more medications.

I had tears in my eyes, while I listened to how she told the doctor that God had allowed this to happen to her and that she was not going to try any more experimental shots.  She had also told them, as for the other shots, that were not helping, she was not going to continue them.  She went on and told how over the years, many had told her that God allowed this to happen because she was not in His will.  For a while she began to believe this, until one day during her devotions she realized that she was in His will. God allowed this debilitating disease to enter her body for some reason and that reason was going to bring Him glory. She went to tell how Paul suffered with his "thorn," and if he could do it and serve God, so could she.

After hearing this, part of me wants to be sad and  to cry for her, since she is one of the many who has no results with the medications. Then part of me wants shout for joy and  to cry for a wonderful testimony and attitude that she has, towards living with this disease and still wanting to serve God.

No matter what you and I face, it can always get worse. The thing that matters is, how are we going to handle it? Are we going to keep a good testimony and attitude? Or are we going to let our nature take hold and become bitter?


  1. I believe it was Paul that said "I think myself happy." Sometimes, despite our trials and tribulations, we have to THINK ourselves happy to be happy. It's all in how we think. How we perceive ourselves. How we perceive God.

    My brother, John, and my cousin, Angela, were both diagnosed with MS around the same time in 2001. Both of them shared the same symptoms. Both went blind (which they regained their vision after home IV treatments), both lost feeling in their hands and feet...etc, etc. And they say MS is not hereditary. That they both came down with it, being in the same family, at the same time, was just God's way.

    My brother...I love with all of my heart... I believe he blames God. I remember him asking why him? "I'm a good husband, a great dad, a hard worker..I tithe...." I didn't know what to say. But Angela asked him, "Why not you? What makes you better than me? This problem is not ours. It's God's. He's just using us to do His will."

    John still struggles with the *why* part, I think. He faces each day with a smile on his face and trudges along, but I don't think he has true peace. Angela, on the other hand, also faces each day with a smile on her face and trudges along, but she has true peace. She embraces the knowledge that God has a reason for her disabilities and her disease. She doesn't have to THINK herself happy because she IS happy. John is simply thinking himself happy. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we HAVE to think ourselves happy to get us through whatever it is we're going through. But I know when/if he ever accepts God's will for his life, he won't HAVE to think himself happy, because he'll be happy deep inside and not just on the surface.

    OK, then....that was a long, drawn out comment just to agree with you about our attitude, wasn't it?


  2. That makes me so sad, Kristi. I wish he could have heard this lady. To be in the same room with her, you could feel the peace about her.


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