~It's Monday!~

Today was suppose to be our first official day of home school. I knew last night when Monkey went to bed, that he did not feel well. All night long, he moaned and groaned in his sleep. ~ I did not sleep well since I heard everyone.  I let him sleep until about 8:30 and tried getting him to drink something warm to help his throat. (Sinus drainage = sore throat) No help!

I was hoping that we would venture out into the back yard and look around for anything interesting that we could study and then make a trip to the library. Well, both of those plans have been shot down. At this moment, my precious guy is sleeping on the sofa.  He's running a slight temperature. This horrible sinus mess that is going around, has hit all three of us. But for some reason, he has really been fighting this. We're praying that he will get over it, without having to visit the dreaded doctor's office.

Since we are going to try and do  a little school work here and a little there, I'm hoping I can get somethings done today. I really need to make my grocery list and go through my coupons that have been piling up in the box.

I'm looking forward to being back at home and focusing on my family and all the little things that need my attention.  Have a great day!


  1. Poor Monkey :( God wanted you {and your Monkey} to have a day of rest; that's the way I always have looked at it when the children fall ill- And I praise the Lord, that they can just lay about and rest, another benefit of homeschool.

    Our oldest woke this AM all congested, she is at work right now, I'm guessing she'll come in, eat a bite and go straight to bed. The blessing is that she only had to work one job today, two tomorrow though.

  2. We have definitely rested today. I've been able to work on some small things around the house. Looking forward to getting started in the morning. Monkey seems to be feeling better.


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