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Outside my window... it's a wonderful fall day. The sky is blue with big puffs of white and gray clouds floating by. The temperature is just perfect. No need for a sweater yet.

I am thinking... about how this year has flown by. I can't believe that in a few short days will be Thanksgiving and then in a few short weeks will be Christmas and then the New Year.
I am thankful for... for a house to live in. I found out this week that 2 of our neighbors have lost their homes. This is extremely sad. One neighbor was the first original homeowner in the neighborhood. The second one lives right next door with three teenagers. My heart goes out to the kids.
From the learning rooms... we've be plodding right alone. I had hoped that I would be able to buy the SOS fifth grade English/Lanuage/Grammar but since I had already spent money on the books we are using this year, I felt that I need to use them. We  are slowing down just to make sure that we have the parts of speech down. I remember trying to teach Abeka fifth grade Language in school and seeing how several students really needed a slower pace and not being able to, it hurt their grades. I just want Monkey to fully understand everything before moving on. ~ The most loved freedom of home educating!
From the kitchen... I'm working on a list of things that I want to bake next week for Thanksgiving; Pumpkin Bread, Sweet Potato Pie, the list goes on.
I am creating... I'm working another precious baby sweater. The front around the button flap, I'm having a little difficulty, so I'm working ever so carefully. I really DO NOT like to frog my knitted work. Later today, I'll be starting a shepherd costume for my little guy for the Christmas program with the Homeschool Group.
I am reading... Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush. So far I'm enjoying it.  I love reading about her childhood.
I am praying... for my family. My husband and son are hunting today. I'm praying for safety and for a deer if the Lord sees fit.
Around the house... since the men left yesterday, I spent last evening doing all of my cleaning. YAY! I'm enjoying today ~ doing NOTHING! ;)
A few plans for the rest of the week... since this is Thanksgiving week coming up, I'll have to take each day, one day at a time.

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  1. Hi Lori, I've posted the music for 'Be Still' at Lyric Devotions, (Songs From My Journey). I had the melody for the chorus a long time ago, but just couldn't get the finally came! I'm still having problems with my music program, so ignore the strange notes at the end of the song!


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