I hope you all had a good Christmas. I did, we even got snow on Christmas afternoon, something that never happens. Believe it or not, I did not take any pictures of the snow.

I can't believe how fast December has gone by. We had a meeting in Mt. Vernon, Georgia on the 5th and we stayed overnight, so we could go to the beach. My sweet husband had other plans before facing the freezing cold wind off the beach. He surprised me with the sweetest lunch, we were able to go to The Lady and Sons restaurant. 

When we drove by, there was no one in line waiting. Really, it had to be the oh, so cold temperatures in Savannah that week. I jumped out of the car and put our names on the list. When I got out, I left my purse and camera in the car, not thinking to tell my husband to get them. (We do have pictures of us inside the restaurant on the cell phone. I have got to get a wire to download them to the computer.) 

The hostess told me that winter time is a good time to visit, since most people don't visit in the cold. *hint,hint* The food was awesome! We had the buffet and loved every bit of it. We even enjoyed our little bite size desserts that came with our meal.

Like I said earlier our man reason for staying overnight was so we could go to the beach. Monkey really could live at the beach year round, he'd rather be there then any other place. We went to Tybee Island, which is a long, narrow island.  While we were there we saw several dolphins and even a North Atlantic Right Whale. We only had my little camera, so I was not able to get any good pictures.

The whale was amazing. The funny thing about this, was Monkey kept talking about how he wished he could see a whale when it surfaces and dives, so he could see the tail. While we were out on the pier, we noticed a bunch of birds flying around this one spot in the water. While we watched, would you believe a rather large mammal surfaced and flapped her tail? We were all amazed. Monkey and my husband both said, "What was that?", I said, "Whatever it was, it was too big to be a dolphin."

After watching for several minutes, we realized that it was a North Atlantic Right Whale that comes to Georgia during the winter.

Here are a few pictures from our beach trip ~

Just as soon as I have a little more time, I have to continue my December update. Have a good day!


  1. The pictures do look nice, but a little chilly!
    Happy new year!

  2. Those photos of the beach look really inviting. It's ten below zero here and we have some fresh, beautiful snow. May your family have a very blessed new year!.........Denise

  3. Don't let the pictures fool you! It was SO cold that day. Happy New Year!


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