Day Book

Outside my window... YUCK! it's raining and cool. Some would say it's cold. But it has to be in the teens for me to actually start feeling cold.

I am thinking... what's taking Monkey so long in penmanship?!

I am thankful for... the laughter that Monkey and I can share while learning.

From the learning rooms... we're learning about the ZHOU Dynasty along with Samson and Samuel this week in the MOH and for science we are learning about the circulatory system. Pretty interesting, I might add.  

From the kitchen... I'm thawing out a package of pork, so I can shred it and BBQ it for sandwiches tonight. I made a batch of Pumpkin bread yesterday. Just a nice little treat for this week.

I am creating... some forms for my home management binder. These are just a few things that I would like to have on hand in case something happened. My husband and son would know where to find some rather important information.

I am reading... nothing at the moment. I received a notice from the library that my books are in ~YAY!

I am praying... a very special need.

Around the house... same ol' things. Nothing new.

A few plans for the rest of the week... well, I did not go to the grocery store on Saturday, so I'm doing all I can to use up what I have while making a grocery list. Hopefully, I'll be able to hit the store Saturday morning and then stop off at the library to pick up my books. Other than that, I'm hoping to stay home the rest of week and try to get through this dreaded winter.

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