Outside my window... it's raining! and the temperatures are above freezing, so hopefully all this horrid snow and ice will be completely gone by Wednesday.

I am thinking... nothing! How can that be? I have so much going on around me, I can't believe that I'm not thinking ~ of anything in particular. Maybe it's a good thing.
I am thankful for...serving a God that is with me at all times even when I am in the valley. Interesting  how the Lord is called the Lily of the Valley. This little flower can only grow in the valley in proper conditions. While in the valley of trials and testings we are able to see the beauty of the Lord. I borrowed the Lily of the Valley info from a friend in an online Bible study that I joined on Facebook. Today was the first day and we are studying the book of James. I really enjoyed being able to learn the thoughts from the other ladies today. I can't wait for tomorrow.
From the learning rooms... we are busily working. Today, we started the chapter on the respiratory system. Monkey and I had a good laugh about the "hairy catchers" ~ nasal hairs.
From the kitchen... nothing fancy today... pinto beans, mashed potatoes and salmon patties. Yum!
I am creating...I'm working on a few different things, right now. Hopefully, I'll have them finished soon, so I can share pictures of them.
I am reading... I received a book for a review, today. I can't wait to start reading tonight.
I am praying... for wisdom as our family has a couple of decisions to make.
Around the house... nothing more than just the usual cleaning and straightening. All the closets and drawers have been cleaned out and stuff has been donated.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Hopefully, I'll be able to work on finishing up some sewing and knitting. I have a skirt I want to make. I've had the fabric a couple of years ~ it's time to get busy sewing it.


  1. Hope your snow is gone very soon! It's supposed to rain here today too.... most of our snow and ice is gone, but there are some places where there was a lot of packed ice and that will really be treacherous until it's completely gone. Be safe and have a great week! ~Michelle

  2. Yes, the snow is almost gone. There are a few little patches in the yard. I'm so happy it's leaving!

  3. Hey, we're about 20 minutes from Athens too! :)


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