An Update

Hello, my friends! I am so glad to be back at blogging. I really enjoyed my break. It's amazing what a few days weeks can do for you. I've been busy spring cleaning, knitting, sewing and enjoying my time with my family.When  I began my break, I was about frazzled! There was so much going on and I really needed to slow down.

I would like to thank those of you for leaving your comments regarding praying for me and a situation. It's a glorious thing to know that you can go to a listening Father with a problem and know that He is going to take care of it. After a few days of getting over the initial shock of the fiery darts of accusations, my Lord became a shield so I would not have to feel the affects.

The day I began my break, I deleted my Facebook account. I can not tell you enough, how much better I feel since I've done that. I am ashamed to admit how many wasted hours I spent each day playing a game and trying to keep up with people that do even know me any more. I do miss hearing from my friends that are on the mission field but many of them have websites with updates, so I'll not really be missing much except for little things that happen during the day.  I'm also getting the sleep that I missed by allowing myself to stay up way too late at night, while Facebooking. Will I go back to Facebook? I don't know. I do have in the back of my mind, that I  probably will. But if I do, many friends will be deleted, so I'm not being swept up into their worlds. I have my own to deal with.

Up until last week, I've been knitting away on the blocks for my husband's afghan. If I don't get behind on daily cleaning, I can finish a block in two sittings. (about 4 hours total) I was hoping to have most of the blocks finished my the end of the month, but since I spent last week working on other projects, I'm hoping I can began the piecing together process by the middle of April.

Many of you know, that our family was in Montana to plant churches. The Lord allowed us to have to return home through a situation. Since we've been home, we moved our church membership and applied with a Mission Board.  Since somewhere around last June, we have really been praying about our ministry and what the Lord wants for our lives. In October, we had a missions conference along with a board meeting. At that time, we felt that the Lord maybe wanting us to resign and  move us in a different direction. After attending the meeting, we were alittle unsure so we decided to wait until after Christmas and fulfill our commitments to several churches and see how the Lord worked. Christmas came and went, still there was no peace. We pushed through January thinking, okay, at the end of the month... Well, January and February came and went and we still had no peace. Finally, the Lord allowed peace to come over the situation last Tuesday.  We resigned from the mission board and now we are waiting to see what the Lord has for our lives. I honestly, believe that since my husband has stayed so faithful throughout the situation (more than I can say for myself), the Lord has a rare gem for him.

I've also been working on gathering a list of our curriculum for next year. Talking about curriculum... What do/did you use for Language Arts for your children?  I'm trying to move away from Abeka. I'm looking for something that has more writing instead of "the parts of speech". Most of our curriculum is going to stay the same this year ~ Math, History, Science, Bible, Spelling/Vocabulary. I'm looking at  foreign language program. I'm thinking Spanish, since our area has several large Spanish speaking communities. But Monkey is talking about German! We will see...

On Friday, March 11th, I got THIS in the mail and started it. I do the 1 mile walk in the early morning and late evening along with a 2 mile walk during the afternoon. I can really tell a difference.  I have more energy and my knees are not giving me any problems. Back in December I joined Spark People. I really don't know why I joined, other than I have a friend who mentioned it on Facebook.  After looking around at the website for a couple of months, I decided to use it. It's free and there are tons of useful tips and tools. Since the 11th, I've lost 5 pounds. I'm not giving either one these 2 things a plug, I'm just sharing somethings that I've been doing. HONESTLY, I think those 5 pounds lost, are do to all the water I've been drinking. I have not had any sweet tea or regular sodas since the 11th. I am drinking 8 ounces of Lipton Citrus Green Tea a day. I've had 2 diet Dr. Pepper since starting this.  I've been watching my calories each day. I've been trying to stay at 1,200 total.  And we all know that the only way to lose weight, is to burn more calories than you put in. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but those new fad diets don't work. AND I'M NOT DIETING!!!! I'm just improving my life but making some lifestyle changes.

I'll be closing now, I have some beautiful spring weather to enjoy!


  1. I hope the Lord will bring you to Montana in the future! It sounds like you are doing great. Glad to hear it........Denise

  2. It's good to know that you have felt God's Peace and know that He is working on your behalf. Enjoy the Spring weather!

  3. Denise, We are open to where ever the Lord leads. If He wants us in Montana, we'll be there.

    Sharon, There is something about the feeling of Peace. It's unmistakable!


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