Promised Pictures

Here are the promised pictures of our new place. The house is a little 1960's brick ranch style. The only thing that I really dislike about the outside are the two awnings. Can't figure out why they were put on the windows. The sun does not shine "into" the front of the house.

~The house~

~The house from the road ~

~The left side of the drive way.~

~The right side of the drive~

~Here's my tiny kitchen.  I just love it! ~

~The Living Room - My Favorite!~

~The Dining/Eat in - whatever you want to call it.~
Do you see the wall between the area and the front door on the left?
I thought it was a little odd until I decided,
I did not want nosy visitors seeing
my dinner table while we're eating, if they drop in. :)

 Here is the Master Bedroom, with some horrible wallpaper. 
Please don't tell me that you have this hanging in your house. 
If you do, I'm sorry. It just doesn't work with this little house.

This bathroom also has horrible wallpaper. I'm beginning to
wonder if the person could see what they were choosing.
I'm going to paint the walls throughout an antique white.

This is the spare bedroom. The wallpaper really isn't too bad, in this
room. But hey, it's being used as storage at the moment.
See that cute little antique table? My husband picked that up at an estate sale for $3.00. 
Just as soon as we are settled in more, he is going to refinish it for me.
That little chair that looks broken, is almost finished,
there is a before and after shot of it at the bottom.

This is my son's room. He has chosen a red and black theme.
Go Dawgs!
I put up red and black curtains.
I even found him a UGA saucer chair on Craigslist.
My husband is going to build him a platform bed with a custom headboard.
Needless to say, he is very excited!

Here is a before and after photo of the little chair from above.
I bought this chair at an antique store for $5.00.
The seat did not turn out the way I had thought and wanted. But it is perfect to sit beside the fireplace, with a doll.


  1. I love it! It looks wonderful and so private! Are you renting or did you buy it?

  2. It is very private! I love knowing no one can see me while I'm in the yard. We are renting it for now. There may be a purchase option later.

  3. Truly a blessing, Lori! What a sweet home, and gorgeous yard! When I was little my Great Grandfather {Wichita, Kansas} would send my Grandmother a huge box of pecans each autumn; one of my favorite memories, we'd go over and help shell them, and of course we could eat as many as we liked!!!

  4. very sweet new home. Thank you for sharing the pictures and I hope you all are very happy there.

  5. Thanks, Rhonda! So far, we are very happy.


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