A Thought

I would like to make a plea to all of you who are addicted to DIY/HGTV ~ Painting beautiful old hardwood floors a Pickling Green with a design in the paint is not a good idea.

 In fact, it is just down right AWFUL! And if you are thinking about buying a house to rent for some added income and you don't have the money to bring that cute little 1930's bungalow into the modern age ~ You can't afford to be a landlord! Just a little thought to think about ~I don't believe there are many sane people who want there families living in a house that still contains the original asbestos filled ceiling tiles and lead based paint, at least I don't. So when you don't receive a call back from a prospective renter ~ Don't get mad at the couple. Get mad at yourself for making a rash decision when you should have pondered a little longer the whole idea along with the money woes that go along with owning an income property.

Yes, my husband and I have recently experienced what you've read. We love older homes ~ they have so much character!  We were shocked right out of our heads when we stepped into this amazing 1930's bungalow and saw what the owner considered updated. The "what we imagined as beautiful" fireplace had been paneled over and a huge ugly 1960's gas heater sat in front of it. The original tangerine orange counter tops were still intact in the kitchen with an extremely loved stove from the 60's. A couple of flip sides to this nightmare ~ the 2 huge, I mean HUGE screened porches on the front and back of the house and then there was the wonderful garden spot.  Oh well, we'll keep looking.

Monkey and I have been studying the life of Paul in our Bible lessons. This morning something stood out to me. This something I've read and heard many times before, but for some reason I saw it in a whole different light. ~ When Paul and Silas were in Phillipi  preaching, they were taken up to the magistrates who had them stripped and beaten. They were then put in shackles and imprisoned. Not one time does the Bible say, that these two men had a pity party. They could have sat at in the jail and cried and carried on wondering how they were going to get out ~ if ever. Instead they were rejoicing and singing praises at one of the darkest moments in their lives.  Paul and Silas saw the good in a bad situation and they turned it into something that was later on able to be used by God. It makes me wonder if I could be so strong.  I would like to say that I could, but then I'd be lying.  We've all had some dark moments in our lives. How did we react? It is definitely something to think about.


  1. Wow. We rented out our home for a year when we moved to Indiana. Let's just say it was quite the surprise to see how expensive it was for us when repair time came (and it did, several times that year!).

    Hope you find the perfect place!

  2. Thanks, Melody! I think a lot people see the "easy" part of being a landlord and think they are going to be able to do it without having to do any kind of work. It can really be a lot of hard work.


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