Happy Mother's Day

The other day while going through some boxes of things, I found all of my college papers that I had written. Of all the papers that I wrote, I have one favorite. I can't really remember what the actual assignment was about other than I had to write about an organization, whether it be real or fictional. I chose one that is both Real and Fictional.

Since today is Mother's Day, I thought I would share with you some of my paper.

From  "The Working Mothers Organization" by Lori T. ~ 

"A mother's job is never finished. She is on call to work for her family twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Some mothers work at home, while others work outside the home during the day and work at home in the evening.

It is not an easy job being a mother. But when the added pressures of a job and school are placed on a mother, there are things that have to be placed on hold. My family comes first, then my job, and finally, my schooling. Being a teacher, and working from September to May, a lot of things are placed on hold, so my family does not suffer. Nine times out of ten my schooling is the one thing that has to be put on hold. But during the summer months I can focus more on my schooling. I am able to spend more hours during the day and evening and into the late night studying.

Mothers are in a special category all by themselves. They work everyday for their families and homes. Their jobs never end. Even when the children are grown and gone, mothers still find a way to care for their children."

To all the Mothers out there ~ Happy Mother's Day!

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