Mine is the Night

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This is my first Liz Curtis Higgs book. I'm not sure why I've never read any of her books until now. I'll definitely be working that.   Within the first couple of sentences, I was transported to 18th century Scotland. The story is written well, and kept me reading.

Mine is the Night is a story that parallels with the story of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible. Marjory and Elizabeth Kerr are a Mother and Daughter in law who have lost everything from including their husbands, titles, and financial security due to their family's Jacobite leanings.

When Marjory and Elizabeth return to Skelkirk, Marjory's home village. They are returning in hopes of  lodging from a distant cousin, Anne Kerr. Not knowing the reception that they would receive, they had no where else to turn.  After spending time earning a meager wage as a seamstress, Elizabeth is hired to become the dress maker for the newly hired help at the estate of Admiral Lord Jack Buchanan.

With Elizabeth working at the estate, a romance begins, but not only for her, but Marjory and Anne. Which makes the story even better.

 The character of Admiral Buchanan is unbelievable! His kindness, compassion, and let's not forget his sense of humor is a perfect picture of what Boaz would have been like.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

070024: Mine Is the Night Mine Is the Night

By Liz Curtis Higgs / WaterBrook

When Elisabeth and Marjory Kerr leave behind the crowded streets of Edinburgh to flee to the Borderland, they've lost their husbands, their titles, their property and nearly everything they hold dear. As supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion, they've been branded as traitors and outcasts. An accomplished seamstress, Elisabeth eventually finds work as a dress maker for the local gentry, which brings her into contact with Lord Jack Buchanan, an unmarried gentleman of considerable means. Will Lord jack step forward to help Elisabeth and Marjory, or will their scandalous ties to the Jacobite rebellion prove too great a risk to his reputation and wealth?

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