What Was I Thinking!

I am horrible! Maybe not, I just feel horrible. Physically, I feel fit as a fiddle. It's something that I did not do today. For several weeks, I knew that my husband would be shooting a junior (youth) rodeo. I really hate going to those, or I did until today. You see, in the past we (Jamie and I) usually sat in the stands watching all the children from ages 4 and up do their thing for each of the events that they were entered in.  Some of it we really enjoy, but then there are times, it's like watching paint dry.

Anyway, during the last couple of weeks, my husband had talked to Jamie about competing in the Chute Dogging aka Steer Wrestling. (This is nothing too dangerous for either the young person or the steer. It's actually quite safe at this stage since the horse is not involved.) Every time the subject was brought up, Jamie said that he was going to enter it. It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago, he had never really been up near a young steer. That weekend, he jumped right into the corrals with many of the young beasts, and helped move them on into other pens. He was excited about this and loved helping.

Last night, as my husband was getting his camera and equipment ready for today, he asked Jamie again about competing. Well, there was some hesitation in his answer and I knew then, that he probably would not do it. So, I decided to stay home today, since he was probably not going to enter.

Would you believe I got a phone call today from Jamie telling me how he entered and won first place! I was shocked beyond all measure. I could not believe that he actually went through with it. He was so excited that he won and won prize money. There were only 2 boys entered in the Chute Dogging today, so the purse was not too big, but it was big enough to spark an interest.  Here are a couple of pictures that my husband took ~

The little guy in the background has grown up around this type of sport and was the other contestants in the event. Jamie beat him by 9/10 of a second to win first place.

I can't believe I missed this! I'll be there, next month.

I was informed today by my son, "Mom, forget about all of those other sports. I want to do this and I want to make it to the top."

Jamie, is all excited about this new adventure. Once he joins the association and stays with it, he'll be able to work towards college scholarship money.~ YAY!

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