A New Do

When I set out to grow out my hair I did not have any reason except to save money on hair cuts. This all started in 2005 when I became a full time stay at home mom. I thought that it would be easy to be at home while I became the cousin of the Old English Sheep Dog. Yeah, they're cute right? Well, I wasn't! My hair was having to grow from a "cut around the ear" type of hair do and all I can say is TORTURE!

As my hair continued to grow, I kept snipping here and there to help with the process. Once my hair sat on my shoulders, I decided that it was time for a perm. What a mistake!

To shorten that little story up ~ I'll never put another perm in my hair. After spending several months of straightening my hair and one really bad day in June of 2007, I went to see if I could get some help with my hair. Sadly, the day I went the lady that did my perm and snip was not there.

So, I trusted some half wit that took everything I said seriously. There was no trying to talk me out of cutting my hair. When the scissors took the second snip ~I cried! There was no going back. All the work that I put into my hair was dead, done, gone,  kaput, ruined, wasted.When I got into the car to leave, I said never again! I was a little surprised at how I was so attached to my hair.

From that day on, I worked hard to grow my hair out. I will say, that I had some moments, but my hairdresser was so supportive and helpful that she highlighted my hair with red and burgundy. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Once the initial jaw dropping color faded, I loved it. My husband loved it and even my son. He's the one I have to worry about. My husband could care less since it's my hair. My son, he's not too keen on new things.

When we lived in western Montana, I saw a commercial for Pantene Beautiful Lengths and thought, if my hair ever gets long enough, I'll donated it. That was in the fall of 2007. Since then, I've worked hard letting my hair grow out.

During the growing out process, I've had layers put in and several inches cut off at different times, to keep my sanity. For the past 6 months, I trimmed the ends to keep them from drying out and becoming split. I've spent every waking moment with my hair up in a clip. I've slept in a single braid until I could not take the lumpiness. Then I went to the two braided pig tails to ease with sleeping with all this hair.  Now mind you, it's not just that my hair is long,  it is super thick!

About a month ago, I had my husband measure my hair and I had 8 inches from right above my shoulders. I was a little excited and little upset since it wasn't longer. I knew that I was going to have to wait until October to have the full 8 inches, with enough hair to keep it from being too short when it was cut.

On Saturday, I went in and had my hair measured at Great Clips. I normally don't go to these places, since most of the people working there are right out of school or they can't get in a better place.  I will say, that I did go to one for several years, because of a lady that could actually cut hair. Since she moved and opened her own salon, I couldn't find anyone that was good.

Any way, the lady that measured my hair told me that I could cut 10 inches and still have enough hair to be at the shoulders. I told her that I only wanted 8 inches cut and she replied that the hair cut will be for free if I cut the 10 inches.  Who can resist FREE?  I told her to go ahead. As she began snipping my hair, my stomach was up in my throat. I kept saying, this is going to a good cause. This is going to some precious person who is dealing with hair loss from cancer. It'll grow back out.

Here's the new look. You'll have to over look the sleeveless top. I  came home and changed into my yard working clothes.  I'm so excited! I laid the pony tail out for the hair to dry and I'll be sending it off this week.

If you have ever thought about donating your hair, do it. Research who you are giving your hair to. Pantene donates the wigs to the American Cancer Society who in turns gives the wigs to ladies who are dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy. The best thing about this is, it's FREE for the recipient.

There are some organizations that do charge on the slide for a wig, and they sale unneeded hair to offset the cost. That's fine. Both of these are reasons why I chose to donate to the PBL.


  1. It looks refreshing! I had to cut my long hair because it was damaged, I do like it, but I like to be able to pull it back too.

    Lori I'm having trouble posting comments with the new sign in system, it never signs me in as me. Everytime I click post comment it has just brought me to the google accounts sign in page. Any help?

    Kimberly from Simply Blessed

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. I did not even get the notice that there was one. I'm on my way to see what the problem is.


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