Our Weekend to the North Georgia Mountains

I can't hardly believe that today is June 1st. It seems like time is moving right along and is not taking a moment to slow down. I've always been told that when I got older, that time would fly. It really is and I'm working on not being overwhelmed with the idea.

This weekend was GORGEOUS! We spent time up in the mountains enjoying the beauty that God created. Our family loves to hike to waterfalls. Georgia is home to so many, that you could spend every week visiting one and still not see them all in a year. Here are a few pictures I wanted to share.

Our first stop was Toccoa Falls.  I was a little surprised to see some of the azaleas still in bloom.

Our second stop was Amicalola Falls. The two top pictures are of the main waterfall, the bottom two are of some of the cascades?/smaller falls. We drove to the top, and my husband took several pictures from there, but the lighting was way off and so there is none to show. The falls are so large, that you can not see the top from the bottom where we were standing.

The wildflowers were so beautiful in the mountains. 

The last stop was at Helton Creek Falls. This is up on Blood Mountain and the Appalachian Trail. I love being here. It is probably my favorite of all the waterfalls that we have been to. It is so peaceful and there is hardly ever anyone at this falls. When we were walking down to the falls, we noticed a lot of trees were down. My husband reminded me of the weather that came through. After we got to the falls, we were able to see some of the aftermath of the tornadoes and storms that came through the area several weeks ago.

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