Downy Unstopables

WOW! I love receiving items so I can write a review. This is one product  that I am glad I received because I totally love it.  As most of you know, I use homemade laundry soap for our clothes. That being said, I do not have to use a fabric softener because of the homemade soap.

I'm super happy with this decision. I make our soap unscented because I use Fels Naptha and with it's lemony scent I've not been able to find anything that is "more powerful" in the scent department.

When I first opened my package, I thought that it was just a newer, more modern way of softening clothes until I read the label. The Unstopables is an In-Wash Scent Booster, not a softener.

Unstopables are tiny round disks that you can use a little or a lot of, just depending on how much scent you really want. The neat thing about these~ you toss them in the water before starting the washer, and you walk away and forget about having to go back until the machine is finished. If you use a softener ball~these are not for it (this is stated on the bottle), but it makes it even better since you already know that you don't have to not miss the rinse cycle. Now how is that for some awesomeness?!

So how does the scent hold up? It holds up for quite a while. Our closets and chest of drawers are still smelling fresh after clothes have been put away for several days. It even holds up to clothes hanging on the outdoor clothes line. Yep, it even over powers the outdoorsy scent that line dried clothes get. The scent holds up to my husband's work uniforms. Even when he comes home in the evening, I can still smell the Unstopables.

Will I buy Downy Unstopables? Yes, if I have a good coupon and the store has them at a really good sale price. Downy products are usually a little more expensive then other brands, so there will have to be a sale on them for our budget.

The bad side ~ It's really not, just something to think about! After looking at the Unstopables and their color (the ones I have are light blue ~Fresh scent), these could possibly be a harmful product for children. Unstopables could easily pass as candy in the hands of a small child. I'm thinking as a mother, here. These would definitely need to stay out of reach of precious little hands.

You can buy your own here.

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  1. I am getting ready to make homemade laundry soap and I love the downy unstopables, but they are pricy, I was wondering if you have tried pouring the unstopables in your soap as the scent??? Please email me back if you get this message-thank you


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