Honoring Our Home

Do I do this? Do I do this often? How do I do this?

This is something that has been plaguing my mind over the past couple of weeks. I'm actually not surprised since some of it has been staring me in the face every time I get on the internet.

At the request of a former student, I opened my Facebook account back up.  Since I did this, I've noticed all the things that I was accomplishing during the day, has not been easily attained. I've been spending quite a bit of time on Facebook, catching up. Well, as of tomorrow, that is going to end.

I have now set my limit to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to visit the popular website. My timer is on the table and ready to use for both visits. Depending on how the rest of my day goes, I may work on this this evening. If not, I won't visit there until in the morning.

Making this change will cut out a big mismanagement of my time during the day. You know, time is one of those things you never get back. Once it's wasted, it gone. I really want to be a good steward of the precious time that God has allowed me.

 I can honor my home by putting our home and my family first. Believe it or not, I had a husband before I had a computer and the internet. In fact, I remember the day when we moved up to unlimited access internet service. Boy, was I shocked at how much time I could spend without having to worry about time limits.

I don't want to be the kind of wife, that spends 8 hours on the internet or in front of the television and jump up and do a fast clean and cook an hour before my husband gets home. To me, that is shameful! 

We send our husband off to work every morning, trusting that he is going to work at his job. He does the same thing, when he leaves us behind. He trusts that we are going to work at making his home presentable and welcoming, not left to look like a battlefield or the aftermath of a tornado with a pot of Beanie Weenies warming on the stove.

I want my home and my husband honored ~ by spending my time wisely, working at making our house a home before I put anything else before it.


  1. Hubby and I are not missing Fb at all, since we dropped out. You are so right it is majorly time consuming. We were at the point were we felt "obligated" to check in, even though we weren't commenting! That's when we realized how silly it was for us to be part of that. Good luck in managing your time, husbands and children first!

  2. Obligated is a good word to use with Facebook. I couldn't have said it better! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. This made me think, for me it is not just facebook but other things too, Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Pat, It's really not just Facebook for me either. But since everyone knows about the website, it's easier to explain using it.


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